There are two kinds of people in football bets, the winners and the losers.

One kind thinks he knows in detail what football is all about. He knows the players, watch games and thinks that he can take all the information into consideration before placing a bet. This kind usually read material from “professional football betters” and believes there is a magic way some people know how to predict games. This group believes that the information some people have is the secret to predicting games. This group is always looking for high odds and prefer to place multiple bets, risking high stakes for big wins. This group are the losers and you are probably one of them (don’t worry, most people are).

The winners know that more important than the information you get on a match is how you process it, how you weight every detail that you should take into account. They know that you can’t predict anything with 100% certainty but that knowing the probabilities of each event is the key to being successful. And most important that you will not always win but the only way to win in the long term is to be consistent with a methodology.

Not everyone can be a winner. It takes dedication, discipline and lots of works on understanding how to transform all the data available in a match in information that will help you predict games. So if you want to win big in little time and with a little effort you should stop reading this right now.

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Best of luck!

Stork Sports Team

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