If you are reading this you are probably interested in learning how to win in football betting.
But before anything, you must know:
One more time:
Anyone who tries to convince (and probably take your money) saying they have a 100% guaranteed way to win in football betting is a liar and you should stay away!

With that in mind, this is our post on How to Win in Football Betting Using Statistics.
This is the final post of a series that gave you FREE content on statistics and betting strategies. So far we had 5 posts:

To conclude this series we will talk about how you can use all you have learned to start winning in football bets.

3 Steps

To simplify things, we created 3 steps to help you win in football bets using statistics:
1 – Understanding odds as probabilities and bets as a Risk/Return function
As we explained in this post odds are just probabilities. Probabilities are just the CHANCES of each team to win. You can think about these chances as “how many times a team will win if they play 100 matches”. Chances are probabilities are all about what would happen if the event happens many times over and over again. They are a great way to measure RISK.
The higher the risk, the higher the odds should be paying.
The key here is to find teams that have HIGH odds and LOW risk, or high chances.

2 – Estimating each teams chances the best way possible

The odds are given by the market or the betting houses, you can’t control it. What you really need to work hard is on estimating each team’s chance of winning!
We posted the best statistics that can help you predict a football match and also if you should look for short term or long term performance here.
We highly recommend you create a system where you can estimate each team’s chances. At Stork Sports, we use statistical models and artificial intelligence to estimate these probabilities.

3 – Selecting a strategy, measuring results and constant improvement

We explained on this post what a betting strategy is and how to measure your strategy. The important part here is to have a CONSISTENT SYSTEM and keep improving your results based on what is working and what is not working.

Important: Don’t forget these Key Factors
Hard Work
There is no EASY win in sports betting. Every bettor that has been consistently successful worked hard on estimating the teams chances and on improving their betting strategy. Don’t look for an easy way, be ready to WORK HARD.
Long Term Results
There is no such thing as a winning strategy with only short term results. A winning strategy will give you profit OVER A LONG PERIOD OF TIME, months, or even years. Don’t judge a strategy by the results of one day or only a few weeks. Think long term.

We really hope to have helped you in becoming a more profitable better!

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