In the world of football betting tips, we see scams everywhere. People who promise you great odds and sure victories and in the end they disappear. It is very important to understand how these scams work so they won’t fool you.

One of the most famous scams are the ones that promise that you “pay after win”, watch out because this is also a SCAM and here is how it works.

The “Pay after Win” Scam  in 3 steps

Step 1: The Promise

Someone will post that they have fixed matches with 100% guaranteed that you will win. They are so sure of the results, and claim to be so honest, that they offer you a very good deal: you only pay if the prediction was correct. That sound very good to most people as they believe they will only pay if the person really had fixed matches. But wait…

Step 2: The Scam – Different Promises to Different People

Here is where the Scam really happens. They give different predictions to different people! Imagina that Manchester United will play Chelsea this week. For the first person who asks for their service, they will say Manchester will win, for the second person they will say that Chelsea will win and finally for the third person they say that the match will be a draw. They DON’T have fixed matches but this way they guaranteed that one of the 3 people will believe they do.

Step 3: The Angry and The Fool

Now imagine that Chelsea wan the match, the people that got the predictions for a draw or Manchester are angry and already notice that the whole thing was a Scam but they did not spend money. But people who received the predictions that Chelsea will win now believe that the scammer really has fixed matches and probably will buy some other predictions until they realize they were scammed.

Don’t be the FOOL! Send this information to anyone you know. Let’s stop scammers from taking advantage of good people!

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