Stork Sports has an exclusive betting on draws strategy since March 2019. The idea behind the strategy is quite simple:
– Most draw odds are greater than 3.00
– We only need a 30% winning rate to have a profit when betting on draws

The question is: Does it really work?
Using our statistical models and specialist analysis we recommended draw tips in many different leagues. After 20 months and over 1000 tips recommended here is what we learned…

1 – Our strategy works

Before anything, you can check ALL our draw tips results here: 

From March 2019 until October 2020 we recommended 1007 draw tips. We got 329 correct tips, a 32.67% winning rate with 102.39 stakes won.

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2 – We have different results in different leagues

We recommended tips on 50 different leagues since March 2019. The results were very different and this helped us prioritize the most profitable leagues.
The number of draws in each league is quite different, this is key information to help us recommend draws.

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La Liga and the Brazilian Serie B were our best leagues while the Premier League was our worst league.
We recommend this post to understand how draws work in a different way in each league.

3 – We have lots of variance over time, but in the long run we have great results.

After 1000 matches we are confident that our strategy works.
It is interesting to see how the results can vary from month to month.
The truth is that we win and lose many tips but in the long run we have a good profit.
The monthly results were the following:

After 19 months we had 13 months with a positive result and 6 with a negative result.
The important thing here is to note that the results can vary, but we are winning in the long term.

4 – Draw Odds are falling – the market realized how good the strategy really is.

A great sign that betting on draws in a winning strategy is the fact the draw odds are falling in many leagues.
The image below shows the average odds for a draw in the Spanish La Liga:

We can see this pattern across many leagues. Betting on draws is becoming a popular strategy.

5 – There is still room for improvement

At Stork Sports, we always improve our strategies. Each mistake is a chance for us to learn and recommend better tips in the future.
We will keep working hard to give you the best betting tips!

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After 1000 matches we can say: OUR STRATEGY WORKS!
It is your time to get our tips and also win!
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  1. hi ineed to help for draw average points and goals average in soccer i look many site about draw and i do not find anything mybe can you answer for i look to average draw points and goals from table league thanks aloot

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