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No matter why

A bet won is another bet placed

A lot of different reasons make people bet: the thrill of taking risky bets, to make matches even more exciting, to get together with friends and increase sportive banters, to profit over time… We are sure that no matter what is your reason, every bet is better when you win, and that’s why we analyze over 9000 games during the season with great success rates.

No matter where

We cover over 40 football leagues around the world

We are sure you will find what you’re looking for here. From the fierce competition of the Brasileirão to the elite of the English Leagues. From the rising Chinese Super League to the passionate and cold Icelandic Urvalsdeild. No matter where you decide to place your money, remember: Our biggest bet is in your win.

Calculated, time saving and consistent

We’re here to make you win

Trust the numbers

We have created highly sophisticated statistical models to unite historical data, up-to-date analysis and market odds to hand you one simple thing: the probability of a match result.

Spend time where it matters

How long would you take to research the perfect match to bet - and would you consistently win? We’re a team, and our duty here is to be the best tool you need in order to save your time and let you focus on what really matters: bet and profit with consistency.

Consistent results

There will never be a perfect methodology, but ours has already proven to be trustworthy, generating profit over time. Betting isn’t just about risk-taking, but about consistency.

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