How can I win using statistics?

Stork Sports can improve your betting profits. We have a reliable and consistent methodology and you will find out everything about it in this post!

At Stork Sports, we believe that the only way to win in a consistent way is to rely on statistics! Our mission is to make the best statistical predictions that will help you improve your profits! We transform all the data that is available in easy to understand information that will raise your betting skills to a different level!

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We are primarily working with football predictions, and here is a short explanation of what we do:

How Stork Sports works

1 – Matches Probabilities

If you ever placed a bet in a football match you probably looked at some statistics for each team to find out if it was a good bet. How did you do that? It can be very hard to weight the different information that is available.

Let’s use the premier league match Chelsea x Arsenal played in 04/02/2017 as an example. Before the game, we had these pieces of information on each team, and these match odds:

So, what would you think? What would be the match result? Would you bet on any result?

What do Chelsea’s 56 points against Arsenal’s  47 mean?

What about Arsenal recent loss to Watford?  

How can you process all these information?

That’s where we can help you! Stork Sports uses highly sophisticated statistical models to transform all these data in one simple and easy to use information: the probability of win!

Using our models we knew that Chelsea had a 55% chance of winning and Arsenal an 18% chance. We used statistical tools and historical data to transform all the messy data into one simple and easy to use information.

2 – Compare the match probabilities with match odds

Every match odd represents a probability. So every time you place a bet you think that these probabilities don’t represent the reality. The problem is that people usually do that without knowing the true probabilities. Let’s get back to the Chelsea x Arsenal example. In that match, we had these odds and these probabilities.

With our models, we know that the fair odds for a Chelsea win would be 1.82, but the odds at Betfair was 2.05.

So, although it was not guaranteed that Chelsea would win we had a positive expected profit in this game if we bet on Chelsea, given the odds.

3 – Picking the right games

Using our models and the analysis we just described we can pick only games that we have an expected positive profit! This way we will certainly not win every game but we do have a consistent profit over time. If you stay true to our method and bet in our picks over time, you will have consistent profit!

This is how we work, and this is how we can help you!

4 – How can you win with us?

You can subscribe for free here and get access to all our information. You can check our past results here and be sure that you can trust on our methodology.

Stork Sports Team

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