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Do you have a betting strategy? Is it working?

Sometimes when we are betting, it’s common to let emotions flow and bet following our guts or the teams we support, but over time you may pay the price of not having a consistent strategy. We’re here to help you!

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Now that you have the Master Betting Spreadsheet, let’s take a quick look at how it works – If you want a summary, you can find the quick tutorial inside the own Spreadsheet.

– That’s cool and all, but hey, why is it important to have a strategy? – You might ask.

Well, mainly the following:

  • A betting strategy, in simple terms, is the “rules” you follow to pick your bets;
  • Without it, you won’t understand deeply why are you losing or winning;
  • Once you understand, you can improve your strategy and your profits;
  • Without a strategy, you’re just randomly placing bets, doomed to lose money in the long run.

Therefore, a strategy works like this:

It really is no rocket science. After all, if you are committing your well earned money to place bets, why wouldn’t you commit a bit of your time to understand how to win consistently?

We at Stork Sports are always by your side whenever you need us. We hand you the best predictions and tips in the football betting market in order to save you a lot of time and help you with your betting strategy. Know more about what we do and check our 2017/18 results!

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We look forward to seeing you set your own strategy and start profiting over football bets.

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