Is it possible to predict a draw in a football match?

On the first post of this series, we talked about the “draw strategy” and how it can help you finally win at sports betting. If you haven’t seen it you can find it here.

The Draw Strategy Post (click here)

In this post, we will help you predict Draws!

Predicting draws is not an easy task! First, we need to be clear about our goal: we need to transform the natural 26% draw rate into 30% or more to win with our strategy.

We think it is impossible to predict draws with 100% sure but it is possible to predict draws with a +30% accuracy rate!

How can you predict draws in football matches?

At Stork Sports, we always use data and statistical models (using advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms) to make the best predictions! You can check this draw predictions for free subscribing to our exclusive “draw” newsletter (Click Here to Subscribe)

But if you want to select the draws yourself here are the Top 2 Factors to predict a draw:

1 – Points Difference

The key factor that can help you predict draws is the points difference between the home and away teams. The table below is ESSENTIAL for your predictions. It shows how the draw rate increases as the differences between the teams decrease. It also shows that more draw occurs when the Away team is BETTER than the Home team.

Always keep this info in mind! What happens here is that the quality of the teams can be compensated by the Home court advantage, this way the matches with more draws are the ones where the Away team is slightly better than the home team.

2 – Tournament

There is a big difference in draw rates between different tournaments formats and national leagues. First, let’s take a look at how the draw rate can be different in the national leagues.

The draw rate can also be very different in Cups and knockout matches. These matches need a special game by game analysis.

Combine both analyses and you will have a powerful tool!

But we can do all the hard work for you! Just subscribe to our FREE draw list end enjoy it!

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