What is the best betting strategy?

Many people ask this question and we don’t believe there is just ONE best strategy. There are plenty of profitable strategies! They all involve hard work, good matches analysis and picking the games based on clear criteria.

Today we will talk about one lesser-known strategy that has helped many people at Stork Sports. This strategy is not very well known and it is ok if at first, you think it is just too crazy or different.

The strategy consists in betting only in DRAW games, that is, games that end up tied after 90 minutes.

If you think this strategy is way too strange, we invite you to read this post and see if you will have the same opinion by the end of it…..

First, let’s take a look at the numbers of draws and odds.

Draw Statistics -What the numbers can tell

Here are the results by league:

Draw Odds

When you analyze the Odds for draw matches across this leagues you get an impressive result:

Draw odds are higher than 3.00 in 96% of the matches in all leagues.

The key here is that the Odds are greater than 3 in 96% of the games. It is fair to say that you won’t find draw odds lower than 3. This gives you great freedom to pick draw games without having to worry the odds will be too low.

So all you have to do is pick games with a draw rate of 30% and you will have profit.

The Goal – Get a 30% winning rate

If you pick one random game in any given league you will get a 26% draw rate, all you have to do is to transform this 26% in 30%!

If you select games with a draw rate of 30% or higher you will win! 

Ok, but how to predict a draw game?

There are many factors that can predict a draw game, we discuss these factors by each league and our own Stork Sports strategy in this post(Click Here)

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Stork Sports Team

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